@Mail Terms of Use

To obtain a copy of @Mail, you must agree to the following Terms Of Use.
  1. Technical Support: @Mail is a product of @Ware, Inc.  It is not a product produced by America Online (AOL).  AOL is in no position and under no obligation to support this software.  As such,  you agree not to burden or contact AOL regarding any problems you might encounter running @Mail.  Any support you require must be obtained by contacting @Ware, Inc. directly.
  2. License Agreement:  @Mail's installation program contains a formal License Agreement that defines the terms under which you may use the @Mail product.  This agreement, among other things, clearly prohibits redistribution and also stipulates a full DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY.  Bear in mind that the preceeding summary does not supercede the agreement itself.  You must read this agreement CAREFULLY and you may only use the @Mail product provided you fully understand and agree to the terms of this License Agreement.
  3. Registration:   You must provide user registration information in order to download a copy of @Mail from @Ware's website.  This information includes your name, your postal address, your email address and your phone number.  You agree to supply factual data for each of these items.  The phone number is optional, however.
  4. Ownership & Responsibility:  America Online (AOL) is the largest and greatest ISP in the world - by far!  In the course of pursuing its business, AOL may (and most likely will) evolve its technology.  All of us, as community members, benefit from AOL's technological advances.  This evolution may inturn cause @Mail to malfunction.  Should this occur, you must acknowledge and accept that @Ware, Inc. bears sole responsibility for this problem.
  5. License Key Confidentiality:  After you register to download a copy of @Mail, an email message containing a Product License Key will be sent to your AOL screen name.  @Mail will not function without this key.  You agree to hold the identity of your key in strict confidence.  You should treat this as you treat your AOL password - you may not disclose this key to anyone.
  6. Feedback:  The quality of @Mail depends upon feedback and problem reporting from users like yourself.  If you encounter any problem or bug in @Mail, @Ware respectfully requests that you make a reasonable effort to inform us of this matter.  In this context, the definition of "reasonable" is entirely up to you.

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