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Getting @Mail for AOL

So you've got AOL and you want to get your e-mail on your Palm-size PC? Well with @Mail from @Ware you can now access your e-mail via modem wherever you are! At a great price too -- free -- from @Ware's Web site.

@Mail features

@Mail is an add-on for the Palm-size PC (P/PC) Inbox, where you to send and receive e-mail. It also lets you compose offline e-mail for sending later. You can configure your Inbox to just download the e-mail you want to see, or all your e-mail if you like.

You can also set-up multiple dial-up locations and multiple users. @Mail uses AOLNET dial-up numbers and you can retrieve a list of access numbers right on your P/PC.


@Mail does not allow you to see e-mail sent from the desktop, nor e-mail that has already been read.

You will need:
  • An AOL account.
  • A modem -- either compact flash card or external.
  • A security key -- Sent via e-mail at the time you download @Mail. The Security key is only good for six months. After six months, visit @Ware's Web site for a new key, which is free.

Configuring @Mail

First, install @Mail via ActiveSync from your desktop from the @Ware site. Then you need to configure the Inbox to use @Mail. To do this, choose Compose, then Options, then click the Services tab. Then click the Add button. Here is where you will provide a name for the @Mail e-mail service. I recommend naming it "@Mail."

Next, you will see the @Mail properties as seen in Figure A.

Figure A: @Mail Properties

Figure B shows the Account Information screen where you select your modem and configure your user name and password.

Figure B: Account Information

Figure C displays the Dialing Location screen where you provide the telephone number and name of the location you wish to dial.

Figure C: Dialing Location screen

After you have entered your account information and dialing location you are ready to connect. Prior to the first connection you will be prompted for a security key you should have received when you downloaded @Mail.

Enter the security key information.

Figure D: Security Key Dialog Box

After the security key has been entered, you will dial AOL and see a status icon similar to the desktop AOL.

Figure E: Connecting to AOL

After you are connected, @Mail works the same as regular e-mail for Inbox.


@Mail fills a valuable role in allowing people who are on the road to send and receive their e-mail wherever they are. Further, I think that @Ware has done a great job in the design and implementation of @Mail by integrating it fully into Inbox. So if you have AOL and need your e-mail while on the road, @Mail offers you the ability to keep in touch anywhere.

By Chris De Herrera
UpLink Topic Editor

Chris De Herrera, Microsoft MVP for Windows CE, operates a leading Web site on Windows CE, He also writes for Enterprise Solutions for Windows CE, and Handheld PC magazine. Send comments or questions.