June 11, 2010
eDottedLine, DocuSign Edition Makes its Debut

Cary, NC - June 11, 2010 - @Ware, Inc., a provider of cutting-edge messaging technologies, today announced the debut of eDottedLine, its latest software innovation. eDottedline blends the sophistication of DocuSign's esignature platform with the convenience and familiarity of Microsoft Outlook. With eDottedLine, DocuSign Edition, users can transact e-signatures in the most natural context of all - Outlook. eDottedLine extends not only Outlook's rich addressing capabilities to the DocuSign experience, but it also makes available certain essential elements of Outlook's collaborative data model.

Transactions are initiated as Outlook mail items. Signers are conveyed as recipients and other email elements - like subject, body and attachments - are mapped as one would expect. A three-step wizard guides the user effortlessly through the transaction process. Outlook Tasks are created and maintained as transactional receipts. This provides the user with an embedded, seamless dashboard view of DocuSign envelopes and an automatic archive of completed agreements. All of the power and sophistication of DocuSign's e-signature platform are brought to bear including online templates, sender-filled fields, signer attachments and PDF forms.

"DocuSign has ascended rapidly as the gold standard for online e-signature technology while Outlook has been the gold standard for desktop communication for the past 16 years. The synergistic benefits of bringing these two technologies together are self-evident and compelling, says James Harvey, President and CEO of @Ware, Inc. "The DocuSign customer base has had no difficulty in recognizing the value of this add-in. All it takes is sending out just one document for e-signature from within Outlook and you get it."

eDottedLine, DocuSign Edition's debut was highlighted by two postings within DocuSign's online blog: Want to Use DocuSign eSignature in Your Microsoft Outlook and DocuSign it with eDottedLine! Add Electronic Signature to your Outlook.

About DocuSign, Inc.
DocuSign, Inc. is the leading provider of on-demand software services for electronic signature. DocuSign empowers individuals, small businesses and global enterprises to operate faster and more efficiently, with greater profitability, enhanced security and compliance. DocuSign is the only Web-based service to securely automate and control the entire electronic document signing process. DocuSign employs the SaaS eSign industry's only enterprise class SAS-70, fully redundant data center delivering 99.993% uptime for customers over the last 32 months. To date, more than 78 million signature events have been executed using DocuSign.

About @Ware, Inc.
@Ware, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial messaging technologies. Founded in 1993, @Ware has developed software for some of the most innovative high-tech firms including RIM, Netscape, Oracle, Intuit, Ericsson and Lotus Development Corp. Many of its past and present software products involve Microsoft's Outlook, MAPI and Exchange technologies.

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