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@Mail provides unique E-mail access to America Online (AOL) integrated into Pocket Outlook on Microsoft® Windows CE

  • @Mail is a unique solution that provides simple and effective access to AOL E-Mail integrated with Pocket Outlook on Microsoft® Windows CE: Handheld PC Professional, Handheld, and Palm-size PC Editions.

  • Traveling business people are more dependent on E-mail than ever before. @Mail provides AOL e-mail connectivity to your WCE device from anywhere you happen to be -- hotel, airport,...   All you need is a phone line.

  • AOL offers it's vast customer base (~16M) a large number of access points throughout the US. AOL provides a cost effective, domestic Internet access solution to the roaming professional.    It's simple to find a suitable phone number using the browse-by-area-code feature in @Mail.

  • @Mail leverages the built-in power of Pocket Outlook on Windows CE: a familiar interface, desktop synchronization, and integration with your contacts database.

  • Simply install @Mail (DLL less than 200K) and you're set to go! 
@Mail User Interface -- It's Pocket Outlook!

Technical Information and Specifications

@Mail is a WCE Mail Service, fully integrated into Pocket Outlook. Its footprint is very small ( < 200K ) making it highly suitable for Windows CE devices.

@Mail relies on Microsoft TAPI, eliminating the need for obscure telephony commands. It incorporates a local access number browsing capability to provide addition ease of use and cost savings while traveling.

@Mail is extremely simple to configure compared to Internet connectivity. Just fill in your AOL screen name, password, and the local AOL access number using the browse-by-area-code feature, and you're online.

  • WCE Mail Service
  • Multi-threaded
  • TAPI
  • Compact (C++ without MFC)
  • AOLNet Protocol

  • Message header preview
  • Attachments (inbound & outbound)
  • Local access number browsing
  • Works with any TAPI modem
  • Simple configuration

Platform Requirements
  • WCE 2.0 and above
  • H/PC Pro, H/PC, and P/PC
  • TAPI Modem
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